miniBloq is an easy to use graphical programming environment. It’s ideal to start programming your own Multiplo creations. miniBloq is free, open source and easy to install. It has been thought to help you in your first steps into robotics and physical computing programming. You can download it from this page. If you want to learn more about it, you can go to our miniBloq official website. It’s being used in many schools, specially with children. miniBloq also includes a lot of examples, some of which can be seen here.



miniBloq installer for Windows
miniBloq for Linux & Windows (zip file)
Explore the GitHub repository


Supports different open source boards:
Controladores open source
Generates code in real time:
Generación de código

Detects different types of errors and shows them in real time:
Detección de errores en tiempo real

Shows the block pickers contextually, guiding this way to the user :
Selectores de bloques contextuales

Includes an embedded interactive terminal:

It has been translated to more than 15 languages (internationalization):

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2 Responses to miniBloq

  1. Larry says:


    MiniBloq is Windows based. I only got a MAC. Is there a Mac version for graphic programming??


    • Avatar of Rudi Rudi says:

      Hi Larry, unfortunately we only can support miniBloq on Windows and Linux. Within some weeks you will see big changes because we will support other graphical user interfaces. Stay tuned!

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