DuinoPack is a modified Arduino IDE with a lot of extra features, specially designed to work seamlessly with Mulitplo kits. If you want a simpler, graphical programming tool, take a look to our miniBloq software. But if you are a more advanced user, or if you prefer an Arduino-like tool, this is for you:

DuinoPack for Windows
DuinoPack for Linux
DuinoPack for Mac OS X
Note: This version is a contribution from a user, please see this forum thread for more information about it.
Explore the GitHub repository


Among other features, DuinoPack includes a bunch of extra libraries and C/C++ classes:

  • DCMotor class: This is a concise and pretty universal class for driving DC Motors with H bridges. It can also be used for other boards, such as the Arduino Motor Shield.
  • Ping ultrasonic sensor class: Although based on the original Arduino examples, now you have everything to work with this sensor in a small, easy to use class.
  • ADXL345 accelerommeter class: We are adding support for this commonly used 3D accelerometer.
  • Library for accelerometer and magnetometer LSM303: This is another great device! Here you will find more information about it.
  • Color LCD Display: Although we tested the library with our own LCD version, we think it’s compatible with this one.
  • Sharp’s IR rangers: Did you use the so common Sharp IR distance sensors, like the GP2Y0A02YK0F or the GP2Y0A21YK? Well, we designed a class to make them “more linear” and easier to use…
  • Library for Gyroscope IDG500: Please find more information about this sensor here.
  • Auxiliary classes, such as filters for sensors, software i2c, etc., some of them based on other open source libraries too.

DuinoPack also contains the tools to work with Multiplo’s HID DuinoBot controllers, as well as support for previous versions of the DuinoBot board family.
For those users non familiar with Arduino, it’s an open-source physical computing platform composed by a simple microcontroller board (in fact, currently there are several models) and a complete development environment for writing software and download it to the board.
Please visit the official Arduino Reference page to learn more about the Arduino API and the underlying syntax.

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2 Responses to DuinoPack

  1. Donald Gaucher says:

    I only have apple computers. Your DuinoPack for MAC OS X is corrupted. Is there any way I can get programming to use my multiplo?
    Donald Gaucher

    • Rudi says:

      Hi Donald,

      I am a Macbook user and I run the Duinopack with no problem, but may be my setup is different. Please post in our forum because many of our users are having successful experiences in OSX.

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